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Faith Forward Bible Study

Grow your relationship with Jesus. 

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Join our daily Facebook Bible Study as we encounter Jesus in the Word every morning at 5 am Central. You can join us on Facebook Live or watch later in the day.

I hope to see you there and learn more about what Word God has in store for us when we seek Him together!


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Lori S.

When Ashley began this morning study on Facebook, I quickly made the commitment to join her. I find accountability to awake daily as well as a sense of community and togetherness with like-minded people. I am challenged and encouraged daily as we start each day with God's Word in mind.


 Cole F.

I’ve been wanting to keep drawing closer to God and get a better understanding of His Word. Listening to the Bible Study and having someone who understands and explains the Word better helps me to comprehend and strengthens my relationship with Jesus. Listening to the Word first thing every morning helps kickstart my day and I feel closer to Jesus.


Ashley L.

When we seek God, He is faithful to send the Word we need. Faith Forward Bible Study with Ashley Ennis is so good!! Ashley's Spirit lead lesson and prayer time minister to me and are a vital part of my day!

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