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Grow your relationship with Jesus. 


Are you doing your best to be a prayer warrior but finding it difficult to keep going? Are you wondering what it takes to be the type of woman who moves mountains for herself and her family? There must be a secret to not giving up. Life often settles around women. We listen, ask questions, and take other’s burdens to the Lord. If we are confused about who we are in Christ, we become much less effective intercessors for those we love. In the world we live in, weak prayers simply won’t do. It takes an inner strength found only in the Word of God to fight the lies of the enemy and pray until the answer comes. The key to a strong prayer life is knowing who Jesus is and who we are in Him. This 31 Day guided tour will reveal the source of inner strength and wash away any doubt about your ability to be a woman of God who sees miracles unfold around her. Readers will walk away having had a meaningful, personal encounter with Jesus and an awakened understanding of their important role in the Kingdom of God.

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Have you ever felt like you were drowning in your feelings? Emotions don't have to be a burden if you know how and why God allows us to feel the way we do. Learn how to rebuke your anxiety and fear and turn your passion into fuel for your prayers. The book of Psalms says there is a place where our "soul knoweth right well," over the next 31 days we will find this stability in the Word of God.

In this book you will discover:

  • how to process your emotions through the Word of God

  • why the gift of knowledge is vital to your inner peace and well-being

  • the lies the enemy uses to try and overwhelm your soul

  • how to harness the power of your feelings to fuel your prayer life

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In the process of overcoming our past, we often just need a word of encouragement, a word that points back to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Within the pages of this book, you will find the truth of the gospel wrapped in all the mercy and faith it takes to walk in the newness of Christ. Jesus already paid the price, will you receive the victory?

  • Learn why Jesus' blood shed for you is enough

  • Cover yourself in the blessings of God

  • Become a tree of righteousness and break generational curses over your family

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What has God called you to build with Him and what is the most important element of the building processing? When King Solomon was called to build the temple, the Lord gave him specific instructions on keeping relationship with the God of his salvation by telling him to be constant, follow His commandments, and seek Him with a perfect heart and a willing mind. Today, Jesus is telling us to do the same as we build for His kingdom.

One of the most important parts of what we do is the character we demonstrate in Christ as we build. In this book, you will find traits from the book of Proverbs that will help guide you into a deeper relationship with Jesus and keep you seeking Him, even in the midst of all your doing.

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